Capmen specializes in core drilling, concrete cutting, GPR concrete scanning, and fire stopping, services under the most difficult and complex work environments.


Our experience ranges from residential applications to working in existing data centers and hospitals while the facility is operating. We combine speed, cleanliness, accuracy, and safety to provide our customer’s with the highest level of service.  We promptly responding to our customer’s needs to help them maintain their demanding job schedules. We are committed to our customers, and will ensure that all are customers’s100% satisfied with our service.

some of our PROJECTS



Core Drilling


All of our technicians are equipped with drill bit encapsulating vacuum systems to minimize water leakage and ensure that your work area is kept clean.

Concrete Cutting and Sawing


We have a variety of pneumatic, gasoline, and electric saws to provide precision cuts for a variety of applications.

Ground Penetrating Radar


Capmen has factory trained technicians with the latest technology in Ground Penetrating Radar to ensure that your cutting/core drilling job does not compromise the structure or live utilities in slabs. Our technicians can typically respond within 24 hours.

Fire Stopping Specialty Contractor


Capmen is a firestop specialty contractor. We have factory trained tradesmen that are experts in the installation of UL listed fire stopping assemblies that meet all applicable codes and standards. After your pipe or ductwork is installed through our penetrations, let Capmen fire seal it to achieve the designed fire rating of the structure.